Type of luminaire

Innovative office luminaire with last generation optical system from LEDIL®. White keeping the high efficiency in place, the luminaire is offering extreme comfort with very low UGR. It is available in white and black optics.

Key advantages

·         high energy efficiency (>140lm/W)

·         quick pay-off for the initial investments (ROI)

·         long life of more than 75,000 hours

·         excellent glare protection with UGR<19

·         comfort and uniformity of the light output

Mounting type

One type fits all concept – the luminaires is designed for recessed, surface mounting and suspension mounting out of the box. Available also in different dimensions: M1200, M1250


This LED luminaire is the best solution for offices, computer halls, banks, meeting rooms, conference halls, etc.

Optical system

The LED luminaire is equipped with the latest LEDIL® Daisy optical solution that provides highest control of the UGR for office purposes. It can produce 60ºand 80º light distribution. As a result, this LED luminaire offers excellent comfort and efficiency for any office solution.

Electrical connection

The luminaire is equipped with automatic push-in connector. Options with connectors Wieland, Wago and Ensto are also possible.


The operational life of the LED modules used is minimum 75,000 h at L80/B10. The warranty of the luminaire is 5 years.


Luminaire Lumens  3600lm

Luminaire Efficacy  140lm/W

Luminous Power  24W

System Luminous Flux



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