Germicidal lamp- 1 x 55 w
The germicidal lamps emit UV-C rays at a wavelength of 200-295 nm, the germicidal effect is due to the photochemical effect of the UV rays on the bacteria. In this way, viruses and other primitive organisms are destroyed.

Germicidal lamps are used for the disinfection of air, water, surfaces and premises in hospitals, laboratories, food businesses, such as dairies, breweries, bakeries, warehouses, refrigeration chambers, soft and alcohol beverages, drinking and mineral water and etc. They are an integral part of the processing of food products, packaging materials, swimming pools and beekeeping.

The germicidal lamps use special luminaires for UV-C light (253.7 nm), producing OSRAMs that destroy all viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms in the room. The degree of disinfection depends on the power of the source and the duration of the irradiation.


The germicidal lamps must only be installed by qualified personnel and in accordance with the requirements of occupational safety. It is necessary to eliminate any possibility of human exposure.


Efficiency: 20m2 – 15min; 40sqm – 1 hour
Power supply: 220v-50Hz
Dimensions: 950 x 150 x 100 mm
Moisture protection: IP20
Mounting: Wall, Ceiling
Power: 55W
Operating temperature: +10 to + 30 degrees
Warranty 24m.